[even more music]

All projects on these page were terminated and all releases are deleted, but nearly all songs were re-released as official Blinky Blinky Computerband releases later..

Calling The Ghosts / 2017
– Pleasure Machine (Single)
– Poison (Single)

re-released on “P/PM/DIC”

Cellular Circuit / 2014
– Sweet Thing (Single)
– Clocks (Single)
– Drops of Water (Single)

re-released on “Collide”

Corroded Atmosphere / 2018
– Buddha’s Revenge
– Buddha’s Watching Buddha’s Waiting”

re-released on “Buddha’s Return”

Cyradium Six / 2002
– Fade to Black (Compilation Contribution)

Ethan Silk / 2014
– Black Halo (single)
– Fractured Parts from a Rotten World (album)

re-released on “Fractured Sign”

Visible Silence / 2017
– Into the Deep (single)

re-released on “Dystopia”