Strange Electro Pop (CD)

„Strange Electro Pop“ contains 35 tracks which were produced in the years 2012 to 2015 and which were available only for download or on cdr. This means, here are tracks from the albums „We are …“, „Requiem für seltsame Kreaturen“ and „Passengers of Tomorrow“ as well as tracks from various singles and sampler contributions. This double cd also contains the cooperations with Perma F, Henning from Synergy, Van Bauseneick and The Erlenator as well as „Love & Hate“, the first song with Michael „Arni“ Arnold on the guitar.

1. Elbtunnel Trip (Second Edit), 2. Elektromann, 3. Walls, 4. Sacred, 5. Love & Hate, 6. Stille (Siren by Veela Vocal Edit II), 7. Getting Cold, 8. Regulated by Machine, 9. Berlin, 10. Requiem für seltsame Kreaturen, 11. One Step, 12. One Step Closer, 13. 1378 (25 years of Wiedervereinigung), 14. Shrouded In Mystery, 15. Two Days & Fifteen Hours, 16. To Victory, 17. Sveiki Ka Jus Henning, 18. Winter, 19. Passengers of Tomorrow, 20. Crosses & Bones, 21. The Kill, 22. Flesh Eating Zombies, 23. Unknown Whispers, 24. Meine Freizeit, 25. Sixty Four, 26. Collide (Presto), 27. Travelling on Strings, 28. We Are …, 29. Experience of Love, 30. Dem Tod den Tod, 31. Obnoxious Thoughts, 32. Beer & Whisky, 33. Pills, 34. Mrs. Mello & Mr. Tron, 35. Tropfwasser

Music and Words by Olaf Krautwurst
Words on „Love & Hate“ by Perma F
Music and Words on „Berlin“ by Henning Reuter
Music and Words on „1378 (25 years of Wiedervereinigung)“ by Van Bauseneick
Music and Words on „Meine Freizeit“ by Van Bauseneick
Music and Words on „Dem Tod den Tod“ by Van Bauseneick
Additional vocals on „Elektromann“ by The Erlenator