Reviews: Fractured Sign

“Fractured Sign” REVIEWS

corey.zli on Bandcamp (2016)

Slightly chilled industrial electronica. not too heavy, and engaging.
BBC seems to have skipped the one button automation and factory presets. Fractured Sign and Strange Electro Pop show some real creativity and craft.Favorite track: Destroyed Soul & Parished Mind.

Ron Schoonwater on Peek A Boo (04/2016) – visit Peek A Boo

After reviewing the excellent Strange Electro Pop, the band approached me and asked me if I was interested in writing about the more (dark) ambient oriented Fractured Sign. With pleasure, simply because good music has to be promoted.

Fractured Sign includes 17 songs that amaze and surprise me, and above all give some pleasure. Although the album is indeed quieter and calmer than Strange Electro Pop, it contains enough variety, passion and craftsmanship. Moreover, it is not completely ambient. Sometimes, the listener is surprised with some harder beats, like on Tolerance Is Freedom or Political Breakdown.

The music on Fractured Sign is situated between trance, ambient, dance and electro (like on Surgical Death and the swinging Train). It never gets dark, but it is exciting. Listen for instance to Destroyed Soul & Parished Mind, Inherit The Wind, Above The Ocean of Hydro Overload. The variety makes Fractured Sign more special than many other dark ambient albums.