Album Releases (Click here for the full track lists!)

Dystopia (2018)
Feat. Dystopia, Catching Fire, Into the Dark, …

P/PM/DIC (2018)
The „Calling the Ghosts“ singles plus new tracks.

Collide (A Collection Of Music) (2018)
Songs from „Cellular Circuits“, „Electric Mushrooms“ and more.

Four In One (2018)
Songs & remixes from the „For a better World“ era.

For A Better Word (Cut The Strings Edition) (2018)
No guitars, this is „electro only“.

Blue Ice (2017)
Feat. Blue Ice, Dying Lights, Frozen Teardrops, …

For A Better Word (2016)
Feat. Killing Machine, Ich will nicht tanzen, Words & Inspiration, …

Fractured Sign (2016)
Feat. Short Circuit Machine, Tolerance is Freedom, Havanna, …

Strange Electro Pop (2015)
The „Best of“ 2012 – 2015. 35 tracks of pure „Strange Electro Pop“.

Passengers Of Tomorrow (2013)
Feat. Sixty Four, Flesh Eating Zombies, Tropfwasser, …

Requiem für seltsame Kreaturen (2013)
Feat. Elektromann, Meine Freizeit , Obnoxious Thoughts, …

We Are … (2012)
Feat. Elbtunnel Trip, Mrs. Mello & Mr. Tron, Beer & Whisky, …

Single Releases (Click here for the full track lists!)

Cut The Strings (2017)
The „electro only“ versions.

Birth School Work Death (2017)
One single, four different versions.

I Want You (2017)
Incl. Jeff Appleton and PertePoP remix.

Words & Inspiration (2016)
Incl. Arctic Sunrise remix.

Ich will nicht tanzen (2016)
Incl. People Theater remix and bonus track.

Killing Machine (2016)
Incl. Jeff Appleton and PerTePop Remix

Electric Mushrooms  (2016)
Five edits self-produced by Blinky Blinky Computerband

Cellular Circuits (2016)
Previously released by Cellular Circuit, but now a „Blinky“ release.

Getting The Cold Kill (2015)

Love & Hate (2015)
Feat. Birgitta and Leif of Perma F and Michael „Arni“ Arnold.

1378 (25 Years Of Wiedervereinigung) (2015)
Feat. vocals and lyrics by Van Bauseneick.

Stille (2014)

Walls (2014)
Feat. vocals and lyrics by Henning Reuter (Syergy) on „Berlin“.

Dem Tod den Tod (2014)
Feat. vocals and lyrics by Van Bauseneick. Incl. „Verschwinden“ audio book.

Sacred Pills (2014)
The first „Blinky“ single with two pure Strange Electro Pop tracks.

Remix Releases (Click here for the full track lists!)

That’s My Frequency II – Still A Collection Of Remixes (2016)
Feat. Arctic Sunrise, In Good Faith, Infernosounds, …

That’s My Frequency – A Collection Of Remixes (2015)
Feat. Attrition, Engram, Synery, Perma F, Nox Interna, …

What’s Your Frequency – A Collection Of Remixes (2015)
Feat. Restriction 9, Jeff Appleton, Perma F, W Trebor, …