Projects (inactive): Inside Agitator


Inside Agitator was the long running precursor of Blinky Blinky Computerband. The project started in 1994 as the successor of Ultrasonic and it was active until 2012, right before the start of Blinky Blinky Computerband. Inside Agitator mainly released EBM and synth-pop music, but also some ambient, experimental and dance music releases. Some releases, like „Caged Flowers“ or „Red Light Factory“, were re-released several times, but nearly all music by Inside Agitator is now available via BBCom Music. Inside Agitator also produced over 20 remixes for artists like Portion Control, Novakill, Synergy, Stamba, Sonic Destroyer and more.

Available releases:

Caged Flowers Extended Edition (album, 2013)
Monument Of Faith (album, 2013)
Black Side Of The Moon (album, 2013)
Red Light Factory (album, 2013)
Hymns, Drugs & Mutant Thoughts (album, 2013)
Memorabilia (album, 2013)
Dancefloor Agitators (album 2013)
Curious Oddities 1994-2009 (album, 2013)

Deleted releases:

Demos 1994 (album, 1994)
Past Present and Forever (album, 1997)
Rare Tracks I + II (album, 1998)
Your Way To paradise (single, 1998)
Hymns For The Future (album, 2000)
Drugs For The Future (album, 2000)
Electro Rock’n’Roll Live At B58 (album, 2000)
The U-Sonic Years (album, 2000)
Curious Tracks Part 1 (album, 2001)
Live Collection Part 2 (album, 2001)
Lunatic Experience E.P. (ep, 2001)
Mutant Thoughts E.P. (ep, 2002)
The First Tracks (album, 2002)
Works 2007.1 (album, 2007)
Works 2007.2 (album, 2007)
Works 2008 (album, 2008)
54°40.15’N/008°18.51’E (album, 2009)
Another Journey To Nowhere (album, 2009)
Close To The Earth (single, 2012)


Between 2000 and 2007, Inside Agitator was playing around ten live gigs in Berga, Hohenmölsen and mainly in Braunschweig together with artists like S.E.T.S. Industry, Proceed, Psyche, Mystery of Dawn, Synergy, T.I.L.A.N. and more.