This is the „History“ of Blinky Blinky Computerband.


01/2018:  Release of „Dystopia“ (album)
01/2018:  Release of „P/PM/DIC“ (album)
01/2018:  Release of „Collide (A Collection of music)“ (album)
01/2018:  Release of „Four in One“ (album)
01/2018:  Release of „For a better World (Cut the Strings Edition)“ (album)


12/2017:  Release of „Cut the Strings“ (ep)
10/2017:  Release of „Birth School Work Death“ (single)
09/2017:  Release of „I want You“ (single)
03/2017:  Release of „Blue Ice“ (album)

Also in 2017: Release of the „Blue Ice“ and „Birth School Work Death“ video clips. Production of „Witness 2017“ by Synergy. Mastering of „The Crash Dump Files 2006 – 2017“ by Crash Dump File. Mastering of „Vive Somnium“ by Icing Wolf.

Remixes for: Jeff Appleton, Synergy, Restriction 9


12/2016: Release of „That’s My Frequency II“ (remix compilation album)
11/2016: Release of „Live @ Strange Electro Pop Festival“ (live album)
10/2016: First live performance @ Strange Electro Pop Festival in Braunschweig
09/2016:  Release of „Words & Inspiration“ (single)
08/2016: Release of „For a better World“ (CD album)
09/2016:  Release of „Ich will nicht tanzen“ (single)
08/2016:  Release of „Killing Machine“ (single)
02/2016:  Release of „Electric Mushrooms“ (single)
02/2016:  Release of „Cellular Circuits“ (single)
01/2016:  Release of „Fractured Sign“ (album)

Also in 2016: Release of the „Killing Machine“, „Ich will nicht tanzen“ and „Words & Inspiration“ video clips. Releases of „Live @ Strange Electro Pop Festival“ live performance video.

Remixes for: Infernosounds, Zoon Politicon, In Good Faith

Co-operations with Van Bauseneick, Henning Reuter (Synergy), Michael Arnold, Darrin Campbell Huss (Psyche).


11/2015: Release of „Strange Electro Pop“ (2-CD compilation album)
11/2015: Release of „What’s Your Frequency“ (remix compilation album)
10/2015: Release of „That’s My Frequency“ (remix compilation album)
05/2015: Release of „Getting the Cold Kill“ (single)
04/2015: Release of  „Love & Hate“ (single)
02/2015: Release of „1378 (25 Years Of Wiedervereinigung)“ (single)

Also in 2015: Release of the „1378“ and „Unknown Whispers“ video clips.

Remixes for: Arctic Sunrise, Infernosounds, Nox Interna, Benny Benassi, Binary Division, Engram, Perma F, Psy’Aviah

Co-operations with Van Bauseneick, Perma F


06/2014: Release of „Stille“ (ep)
03/2014: Release of „Walls“ (single)
02/2014: Release of „Dem Tod den Tod“ (single)
01/2014: Release of „Sacred Pills“ (single)

Also in 2014: Release of the „Walls“ and „Dem Tod den Tod“ video clips. Production, recording and sound design for „Verschwinden“ by Matthias Bosenick.

Remixes for: Attrition, MRDTC, Tears for Fears, Non Eric feat. Lara Pulsar, Boyinaband feat. Veela, MC1R, Synergy, Basement Jaxx, Perma F

Co-operations with Van Bauseneick, Henning Reuter (Synergy)


12/2013: Release of „Passengers Of Tomorrow“ (album)
02/2013: Release of „Requiem für seltsame Kreaturen“ (album)

Also in 2013: Release of the“Elektromann“, „Meine Freizeit“ and „Winter“ video clips. Production and recording of „Bass Trip“ by Schepper.

Remixes for: Kasparov, Mr. Bill, Schepper, I;Scintilla

Co-operations with Van Bauseneick, The Erlenator


11/2012: Release of „We are …“
09/2012: Blinky Blinky Computerband and BBCom Music were established.

Also in 2012: Release of the „Elbtunnel Trip“ video clip.