Fractured Sign (CD)

„Fractured Sign“ contains 17 tracks which were produced in 2014 and 2015 and mostly for a secret side project (Ethan Silk). At the end of 2015 the secret was unveiled and the tracks of Ethan Silk were combined with new tracks for the „Fractured Sign“ cd, which was released in the beginning of 2016  as an official Blinky Blinky Computerband album.

1. Short Circuit Machine, 2. Tolerance Is Freedom, 3. Havanna, 4. Destroyed Soul & Parished Mind, 5. Surgical Death, 6. Fractured Parts From A Rotten World, 7. Political Breakdown, 8. Hydro Overload, 9. Cantus Monks, 10. Black Halo, 11. Flowstone Fracture, 12. Inherit The Wind, 13. Walking Dead (Part I), 14. Above The Ocean, 15. Train, 16. Ocean Drive, 17. Walking Dead (Part II)