For A Better World (CD)

„for a better world“ contains 17 tracks which were done between 2014 and 2016. A part was already finished in the beginning of 2015. When Michael “Arni” Arnold came to the project Blinky Blinky Computerband some tracks were re-worked and enlarged by Arni playing the guitar. This makes the spectrum broader. Of course, there are the typical electro pop and ebm songs, but also some songs with guitar. Sometimes this is recessive, but then rather dominant. Here “killing machine” should be noted which can be classified as alternative rock or industrial. As on previous releases before, there are also guest singers on “for a better world”. Besides Henning Reuter (Synergy) and Matthias “Van Bauseneick” Bosenick which belong to the line-up of Blinky Blinky Computerband at concerts, this time a special guest could be enlisted with Darrin Campbell Huss, the singer and foundation member of the Canadian cult formation Psyche. He added the lyrics and vocals on the song “up close”. “for a better world” is a further step in the development of the project Blinky Blinky Computerband and shows that you always have to reckon with surprises!

The first 50 copies of the cd “for a better world” contain as bonus two post-cards. One of each was signed by all of the five participating musicians.

1. For a better World, 2. In the Dark, 3. World, 4. Killing Machine, 5. Up Close, 6. Ghost Train, 7. Another obnoxious Thought, 8. Sweet Thing, 9. Ich will nicht tanzen, 10. Somewhere at Night, 11. Mutant Enemy, 12. We don’t Care, 13. Strange Life, 14. Will to Survive, 15. Words & Inspiration, 16. Keep on Blinkin‘, 17. Last Song before Silence

Music and Words by Olaf Krautwurst
Guitars by Michael „Arni“ Arnold
Words on “Up Close” by Darrin Campbell Huss
Words on “Ich will nicht tanzen” by Van Baueneick
Words on “Strange Life” by Henning Reuter