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Previous “featurings” and live members.

Michael “Arni” Arnold
Arni played the guitar on “Love & Hate” and on nearly half of the tracks on the “For a better World” album. He also played the guitar at the live performance at the “Strange Electro Pop Festival”.

Perma F
Perma F are Birgitta and Leif Ekman from Sweden. Perma F is featured on the track “Love & Hate” for which they contributed the lyrics and the vocals. Leif also remixed some tracks for Blinky Blinky Computerband. 

Henning Reuter
Henning contributed the lyrics and vocals for the tracks “Berlin” and “Strange Life” He also played the keys at the “Strange Electro Pop Festival”.

Frank Erlebach
Frank aka The Erlenator has contributed the backing vocals for “Elektromann”.