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This is a list of all compilation releases by Blinky Blinky Computerband.

“Ten Years 2012-2022” is a “best of” collection with 17 previously released tracks and also two brand new tracks, which will be released later in 2022 on “Geistmaschine” (Ghost In The machine) and “Shattered Origins” (I See You). Some of the tracks are reworked for “Edit Versions”. (30/06/2022 / 19 Tracks)

“Scattered Bones” is a collection of rarities, edits, and previously unreleased songs produced between 2014 and 2021. As a special bonus, it contains the 15 minutes long audio book “Verschwinden” written and spoken by Matthias Bosenick. (25/03/2022 / 15 Tracks)

The Blinky Blinky Computerband album “Inner Conflict” was released in March 2019 with no further single releases, except for the original version of “Birth School Work Death” and “I Want You”, which were already released in 2017. “Inner Conflict / Reworks & Outtakes” brings 10 remixes of 6 different songs by artists, like Per-Anders Kurenbach, Jeff Appleton, IcingWolf, Life On Mars, Pertepop and Restriction 9, together with 4 previously unreleased songs from the “Inner Conflict” recording period. 2 of these “Outtakes” were completed with samples and the other 2 are included in instrumental versions. (10/05/2019 / 14 tracks)

“The Geometry of Finite Reflections” is a collection of rarities, edits, and previously unreleased songs produced between 2012 and 2019. (26/10/2019 / 14 Tracks)

“What’s Your Frequency II” is the second compilation with remixes by other artists. The original tracks are from the “Inner Conflict” and ” For A Better World” period. (26/10/2019 / 12 Tracks)

“jammern & grillen“ was recorded at the BBCom Music Studio in Cremlingen on 20 July 2019. All tracks were improvised live. No edits were made to these recordings. Only a light mastering was used to finish these recordings. 

Monika – IcingWolf – Keys 
Torsten – Crash Dump File – Keys 
Oliver – Broken Bow – Keys 
Gwen – Svartkropp – Lyrics & Vocals 
Olaf – Blinky Blinky Computerband – Maschine 

Other non-musical participants of this jam session: 
Petra, Nira, Yvonne, Niels, Thorsten, Clemens and Grillmaster Peter! 
(29/07/2019 15 Tracks)

“Thirteen Tracks on Tape” is a collection of 13 Blinky Blinky Computerband songs selected by Olaf Krautwurst. This is not a “Best of” or a “Singles Collection”. It is a personal selection by Olaf with some of his favourite songs he produced between 2012 – 2017. Each tape was dubbed in real time from high quality wave files, played on a Fiio High-Res player, and recorded directly to tape with the use of a reconditioned Yamaha KX-393 tape deck. The tapes come with a printed inlay, label and also all tracks as a download in a limited edition of 25 tapes. (12/10/2018 / 13 tracks)

Four On One (deleted)

mostly re-released on newer compilations


“Four on One” is a compilation with tracks, which were previously released on the three “For a better World” singles. It contains the original “not on the album” tracks and also remixes by People Theatre, Arctic Sunrise, Jeff Appleton and others. The 15-minute-long audio book “Verschwinden”, spoken and written by Matthias Bosenick and with music and fx by Blinky Blinky Comupterband, is also included. (13/01/2018 / 11 tracks)

“P/PM/DIC” is a compilation with tracks partly previously released under the artist name “Calling the Ghosts”, which was a dance, electro and techno side-project of Blinky Blinky Computerband. This project was active in 2017, but was terminated before the release of the third single “Dressed in Contrast”. The tracks on this re-release are now “official” Blinky Blinky Computerband tracks. (30/12/2017 / 10 tracks)

“Collide” is a compilation with previously released tracks. Some of the tracks were released on singles, as compilation contributions or on the first three album releases, but were not included in the “Strange Electro Pop” album. The included tracks were produced between 2012 and 2016. (30/12/2017 / 14 tracks)

“That’s my Frequency II” includes six remixes by Blinky Blinky Computerband for artists like Arctic Sunrise, In Good Faith and Infernosounds as well as the Blinky Blinky Computerband song “Mystery Remains in Silence”. (23/12/2016 / 7 tracks)

“Strange Electro Pop” is a 35-track compilation which features tracks from the previously released albums and singles, which were released between 2012 – 2015. On the album are only the “original” versions of the tracks. The remixes are available on other compilations, like “What’s your Frequency”. This album is available via digital distribution and also as a 2-CD set. (15/11/2015 / 35 tracks)

“What’s your Frequency” is a collection of 17 remixes produced by different Artists for Blinky Blinky Computerband. These are, for example Restriction 9, Jeff Appleton, Perma F, and some others. The remixes were previously released on different releases by Blinky Blinky Computerband.  (11/11/2015 / 17 tracks)

“That’s my Frequency” is a collection of 24 remixes produced by Blinky Blinky Computerband for artists like Attrition, Arctic Sunrise, Perma F, Enrgam, MC1R and Tears for Fears. Some were made for official releases, some for contests and some as a tribute to the original songs, but all remixes were made for fun. (15/10/2015 / 24 tracks )