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This is a list of all full album releases by Blinky Blinky Computerband.

“Geistmaschine” is not an ebm or synthpop album, but also not an experimetal one. It is something between all! It is something like an electronic soundtrack to an unfilmed movie! It is also an instrumental, but with some sampled voices. You can dance to some the music, but you can also sit in the dark and listen to them. (23/09/2022 / 16 tracks)

This is not exactly a follow up release to “Dystopia” and “Fractured Sign”, but it is more an electronica and experimental, than a EBM and Synthpop release. Music for your Mind and sometimes for your Soul by the concept of energy. This Album was released as a CD-Edition in 2021 with four CD exclusive bonus tracks. (28/12/2019 / 11 tracks)

“Inner Conflict” is the follower to “For a better World”. It is still a “Strange Electro Pop” album,but goes more into the EBM genre. All tracks were written and produced between 2016 and 2018. This was sometimes a not so good time for Olaf, which makes this album “very personal” in some ways. The album is also a step backwards, because it is more an EBM album, like my old releases as Inside Agitator. For me, this was a healthy way for creating a homogenous and varied album. There are two guests on “Inner Conflict”. The lyrics & vocals on “Was Is(s)t Europe?” are from Van Bauseneick and the “Space-Bass” on “Dive” was played by Schepper, a friend and bass player from Braunschweig. (16/03/2019 / 16 tracks)

“Dystopia” was the third electronica and ambient release by Blinky Blinky Computerband. It contains seven new tracks and also the previously released song “Into the deep” in three versions (original & two remixes). This song was previously released under the name “Visible Silence” in 2017. The Visible Silence project was terminated shortly after the single release. (30/12/2017 / 10 tracks)

“Blue Ice”. was the second electronica and ambient release by Blinky Blinky Computerband. Released in 2017, it contains five new tracks and as a bonus the track “Winter (Beatless Edit)” which was produced in 2012. (01/03/2017 / 6 tracks)

“For a better World” was nearly finished in 2015, but with the introduction of Michael “Arni” Arnold as guitarist, some of the album tracks were rearranged. Eight of the fifteen tracks contain these real guitar parts, which gives this album, beside of ebm and synthpop, an industrial music touch. There are also two tracks with guest lyrics and vocals by Van Bauseneick and Henning Reuter on this album. The album release was supported by the release of three singles with remixes and a video clip for each of the three songs. This album is available via digital distribution and also as CD. (27/08/2016 / 16 tracks)

“Fractured Sign” was originally released in 2015 under the artist name Ethan Silk, but it was re-released in 2016 together with the Ethan Silk single release “Black Halo” and some bonus tracks as a full Blinky Blinky Computerband release. This was the first Blinky Blinky Computerband electronica and ambient genre release. This album is available via digital distribution and also as CD. (01/01/2016 / 17 tracks)

Passengers of Tomorrow

deleted, mostly re-releases on “Strange Electro Pop”
and “What’s Your Frequency”

The third album by Blinky Blinky Computerband was released also in 2013 only some months after “Requiem für seltsame Kreaturen”. Beside ten new tracks it also contains six remixes of the (older) songs “Meine Freizeit” and “Elektromann”. The album also contains a cover version of the Synergy track “Experience of Love”. (13/12/2013 / 16 tracks)

Requiem für seltsame Kreaturen

deleted, mostly re-releases on “Strange Electro Pop”

“Requiem für seltsame Kreaturen” was the second Blinky Blinky Computerband album. This album contains ten tracks and with “Elektromann” (feat. The Erlenator) and “Meine Freizeit” (feat. Van Bauseneick) the first two songs which were presented with real video clips. The cover of the album shows the “Blinky Bug”, which is one of the trademark pictures of Blinky Blinky Computerband. (06/02/2013 / 10 tracks)

We Are …

deleted, mostly re-releases on “Strange Electro Pop”

“We Are …” was released in 2012, only some months after the termination of Inside Agitator. This album does not contain any real vocals. All vocals and voices on the album are samples or in case of “Sveiki Ka Jus Henning”, the voice of the Google translator. This album was the start of “strange electro pop”! (09/11/2012 / 9 tracks)