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Here you can find a list of all releases by Blinky Blinky Computerband. Please click on the links above to get more information about all album, single, compilation or remix releases.


Buddha’s Return (Single)
Thirteen Tracks on Tape (Compilation, Tape)


Birth School Work Death (Single)
I Want You (Single)
P/PM/DIC (Compilation)
Collide (A Collection of Music) (Compilation)
Four in One (Compilation)
Dystopia (Album)
Blue Ice (Album)
Cut the Strings (Single)


For a better World (Album, CD)
Words & Inspiration (Single, deleted)
Killing Machine (Single, deleted)
Ich will nicht Tanzen (Single, deleted)
Cellular Circuits (Single, deleted)
Electric Mushrooms (Single, deleted)
Fractured Sign (Album, CD)
That’s My Frequency II – A Collection of Remixes (Compilation)


Strange Electro Pop (Compilation, CD)
1378 (25 Years of Wiedervereinigung) (Single, deleted)
Getting the Cold Kill (Single, deleted)
Love & Hate (Single, deleted)
What’s Your Frequency – A Collection of Remixes (Compilation)
That’s My Frequency – A Collection of Remixes (Compilation)


Stille (Single, deleted)
Dem Tod den Tod (Single, deleted)
Berlin Walls (Single, deleted)
Sacred Pills (Single, deleted)


Passengers of Tomorrow (Album, deleted)
Requiem für seltsame Kreaturen (Album, deleted)


We Are … (Album, deleted)