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Yes, “Inner Conflict” out now!

The brand new Blinky Blinky Computerband album “Inner Conflict” was released on the 15 February 2019 as CD, Tape and Digital and you can buy it via Bandcamp

“Inner Conflict” is the follower to “For a better World”. It is still a “Strange Electro Pop” album,but goes more into the EBM genre. All tracks were written and produced between 2016 and 2018. This was sometimes a not so good time for me, which makes this album “very personal” in some ways. The album is also a step backwards, because it is more an EBM album, like my old releases as Inside Agitator. For me, this was a healthy way for creating a homogenous and varied album.

There are two guests on “Inner Conflict”. The lyrics & vocals on “Was Is(s)t Europe?” are from Van Bauseneick and the “Space-Bass” on “Dive” was played by Schepper, a friend and bass player from Braunschweig.

And now have fun with “Inner Conflict”!

Olaf / January 2019